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Interactive Producer and Creative Technologist with seven years of agency and production experience in delivering online communication programs from conception through deployment, serves as an internal team leader by determining scope while giving strategic and technical recommendations to address client and brand objectives.

Google, Global Brand Studio Freelance, San Francisco, CA (August 2014-present)
Program Manager: Senior Interactive Producer Ads Marketing

  • Reimagining and rebuilding the Google Ads marketing ecosystem 25 products, over 100 new web pages

Autofuss, San Francisco, CA (October 2012-May 2013)
Senior Interactive Producer -Google Nexus, Google Play
  • Agency/Production-side Digital Production, Account Management and Strategy
  • ⇒ Q4 2012- turned :30 web video into full digital campaign
    ⇒ Managed in-house and freelance developers
    ⇒ Managed agency and client feedback
    ⇒ Managed change orders, invoicing and balance sheets
    ⇒ Q4 2012- turned :30 web video into full digital campaign
      - Standard banner concepts, YT Takeovers, Pushdowns, Expandable Units
      - Creative picked up by Google Global Teams from UK, DE, FR, ES, S. America, Asia
      - Converted and re-built Rich Media for EU in DoubleClick
    ⇒ Q1/Q2 2013- turned web videos into full digital campaign
      - Standard banner concepts, YT Takeovers, Pushdowns, Expandable Units
      - Produced Rich Media for UK, DE, FR, ES
      - Over 1 Billion impressions in the US
      - Produced 3 Lightbox pieces for Nexus and Lightbox/DoubleClick Team
      - Web videos running on UK Television
      - Q1/Q2 Budgets
    ⇒ Microsite in Goro & HTML5 w/ parallax framework design
      - Managed design with RedShift
      - Managed development with Solution Set
    ⇒ Google Play 1 Year Anniversary global campaign, banners, print and social media skins
    ⇒ Messaging Strategy, Copywriting, Integrated in-house production

Hey, [ad] Agency, Seattle, WA (January-June 2012)
Executive Producer- Gene Juarez, Agency Site, CBT Nuggets, Holland America Line, PCC Natural Markets
  • Agency-side Integrated Production and Digital Strategy
  • ⇒ Agency site redesign and development: HTML5 responsive design w/ WordPress & Google Docs ⇒ Managing creative and production resourcing across all agency accounts and projects ⇒ Managed agency hosting, client review site, FTP’s, and additional online operations
  • Content and Social Media Strategy
  • ⇒ Gene Juarez: Microsite and Facebook App content platforms in HTML5 ⇒ CBT Nuggets: Optimize YouTube Page and video inventory, Social Media Strategy
ADDY Awards 2013: The Facebook Beautification Project / Producer Silver ADDY Award for Digital Advertising and Social Media ADDY Awards 2013: CBT Nuggets Hero / Producer Silver ADDY Award for Digital Advertising and Video

Acne* Media, Santa Monica, CA (July-September 2011)
Interactive Producer-Leo Burnett for Coca-Cola
  • Production-side management on live November 1, 2011
  • ⇒ Largest 3D environment flash site and iPad app to date
    ⇒ Managed in-house and freelance developers
    ⇒ Managed agency and client feedback
    ⇒ Managed change orders, invoicing and balance sheets

Venables, Bell & Partners, San Francisco (March 2009- May 2011)
Interactive Producer and Social Media Programmer- Audi, ConocoPhillips, Heavenly, HBO DVD, Intel, Marin County Schools, Orville Redenbacher, PG&E, Vizio
  • Audi: Superbowl 2011 Estate Sale Facebook App,
  • ⇒ Creative and technical lead
    ⇒ Partnered with creative team for final deliverables
    ⇒ Produced Facebook App in 18 days with KC Austin and ThisMoment
    ⇒ Partnered with client’s social media, contest fulfillment, and production partners for campaign integration
      - Facebook tabs, events, wall posts and messaging
      - Youtube Brand Channel
      - Twitter Contest
  • Audi: Superbowl 2010 Green Police YouTube Interactive Quiz & Brand Channel, Audi Austin Foursquare Program
  • ⇒Coded in-channel annotations- the first of its kind on YouTube at the time of release
    ⇒Social media strategy partnership with M80
    ⇒Participant in Youtube’s AdBlitz Superbowl 2010 Program
    ⇒Strategy, pitch and execution for Foursquare pilot program with dealership
  • ConocoPhillips: Conoco-76-Phillips 66, Spring/Summer 2010
  • ⇒ launch production, schedule, budget, wireframes, and site architecture
    ⇒Mobile sites for all three brands, schedule, budget, wireframes, and site architecture
    ⇒Site maintenance and updates for all three brand sites
    ⇒Strategy, pitch and execution for Foursquare pilot program with Phillips 66 marketer
  • HBO:, Paid Media & Facebook Application Summer 2009
    ⇒Highest Performing Online Campaign for Agency in 2009, production, schedule, budget
  • Marin County Schools:, Paid Media & WordPress based site, March 2011
  • ⇒Pro bono campaign raising money and awareness of budget cuts to public schools in Marin County
      -Raise money for donations, Paypal Pro account
      -Debate section, custom WordPress plug ins and development
      -YouTube Channel
  • Orville Redenbacher: Brand (summer 2009), Smart Pop (winter 2010), Cheddar (summer 2010)
  • Palm Pre 2: and Paid Media January 2011
  • ⇒Rich and Standard Media Creative Optimization, production
    ⇒YouTube Page, Wireframes, Youtube Direct Data Flow w/ Phasing, research and production
      -first Youtube Brand Channel to use YouTube Direct as a work around for YouTube UGC, which requires a $200,000 YT media buy
  • PG&E: and Paid Media Spring/Summer 2010
  • ⇒Rich Media Creative Optimization, production, schedule, budget
    ⇒Site Revisions, Creative Upgrades, production, schedule, budget
    ⇒Partnered with Chinese Language and Spanish Agencies, production, schedule, budget
    ⇒2011 Social Media Planning and Strategy
  • Vizio: VIA Superbowl Microsite and YouTube Brand Channel January 2010
  • ⇒3 weeks production, flash site simulates the Vizio VIA navigation and features the "Forge" Superbowl spot featuring Beyonce
    ⇒YouTube Channel, 3 day production
      -Participant in Youtube’s AdBlitz Superbowl 2010 Program
      -Annotated Interactive videos
  • Venables Bell and Partners: Education
  • ⇒SXSWi 2010 & 2011 teach back
    ⇒Foursquare Education Program
Awards: PG&E 2010 Webby Honoree- The Green Category, 2010 Addy Award- Gold Winner; HBO Comedy Fetish- Effies 2010 Finalist, 2010 Addy Award- Gold Winner; Orville Redenbacher Brand Campaign, 2010 Addy Award- Gold Winner

Goodby, Silverstien & Partners, San Francisco (October 2007- March 2009)
Interactive Producer and Traffic/QA Manager- Sprint
  • 2008 Valentine's Campaign with Isaac Hayes, produced, QA Sprint Nascar 2008 rich media banners, production, schedule, budget
  • ⇒ Burn and Brag- highest performing banners for all of Sprint in 2008
  • Social Networking, file manager and production of iframes for Facebook and Myspace.
  • Producer and Traffic Manager of Prime Time Integration- Full Episode Players/Branded Canvases; close relationships with,,, and Unicast,
  • ⇒ Growing this piece of business from rich media resizes at $2,000 each- to selling through experiential media with concepts budgeting from $25,000- $75,000 each
  • Media Strategy for Online Prime Time Integration for Fox 24, NBC Heroes and CBS Survivor within Network Media buys by Mindshare, and pitching at upfronts- ABC’s Lost Season 3
  • User Experience, Interaction Optimization, Information Architecture
Awards: with Isaac Hayes Serenader, Cannes Lion Shortlist 2008, Interactive Viral Marketing & Creative Review Annual 2009, Digital Media

Kadium/Euro RSCG San Francisco, San Francisco (May 2006-August 2006 employed)
Account Executive and Project Manager - Disney Mobile, Air Force, 2KSports, Home Funds Direct

  • AE/PM for Disney Mobile rich media banners received the highest interaction rates Disney Interactive
  • has seen to date. 40 seconds per unit w/ 3% conversion, 70% conversion on website
  • Disney Mobile banner production (30k and Flash), rich emails, traffic for banners
  • Air Force, produced rich media banners
  • New Business and Strategy research and market discovery for Executive Team
Social Network and Viral Marketing- (May 2007- October 2007 Freelance)
  • Svedka, viral marketing, celebrity blog seeding strategy
  •, online community seeding
  • managed seeding team for 4 weeks, provided messaging and reporting to client
Awards: Air Force, 2007 Web Marketing Association’s Best Military Rich Media campaign & 2006 Austin Addy’s Silver and Bronze awards in the Interactive Media Category

Guerilla Public Relations, San Francisco (October 2005- May 2006, Sept 2006- Sept 2007)
Production Manager, Online Marketing Strategist – CurrentTV, Napster, Konami, Maxim, CBS, iFilm, Mercury Insurance
  • Copywriter for online viral messaging for iFilm, CBS, Konami and Maxim
  • Managed iFilm myspace page for one week prior to Superbowl 2007 bringing in 8000 page views, 1200 comment placements, 3000 friend adds, all driving traffic to
  • Created and managed Napster Girl MySpace page, bringing in 18,000 views and over 3200 friends within 30 days
  • Managed over 300 online ID’s in Music, Gaming, Anime, TV, Film, Teen, Tech, Health, and Fashion
  • Built and managed Direct-to-Influencer (DTI) seeding campaigns for Napster, leading to over 1.5 million impressions for Napster video ads in 2 weeks. Landed featured placement on iFilm, and
  • Managed 5 person Blog Seeding Program for CurrentTV campaign
    ⇒ Increased video placement by over 25%
    ⇒ Placed CurrentTV video content on over 20 websites in 2 weeks
    ⇒ Exposing Current to millions of online views
SXSWi 2011, Austin, TX
⇒ How Not to Design Like a Developer
⇒ Do Agencies Need to Think Like Software Companies?
⇒ Beyond Check-Ins: Location Based Game Design
⇒ Storytelling Through Advertising: Engaging Players in Online Games
⇒ Client Knows Best? How to Sell Unsolicited Ideas
SXSWi 2010, Austin, TX
⇒ Time + Social + Location: What’s next in Mobile Experiences?
⇒ iPad and Mappping
⇒ Add Some Xbox to Your UX
⇒ Chasing Virtual Goods
⇒ We F*cked Up: Exploring Failures Together
⇒ Razorfish Emerging Experiences + more
Venables Bell & Partners
Flash In the Can San Francisco August 2010
Double Click Studio Training + QA
Facebook PR: How Facebook uses Facebook for PR June 2010
⇒ Panel: Randi Zuckerburg, Matt Hicks
Good Ideas Salon & YouTube: Online Community Management, July 2009
⇒ Panel: Esty, Flickr, YouTube, Digg Community Managers
Bay Area Video Coalition June-present
⇒ Web Video
Goodby, Silverstien & Partners
Bay Area Video Coalition, September 2008-January 2009
⇒ Flash 1 & 2
⇒ Flash Video, AS3
⇒ Action Script for Designers, AS2, AS3
⇒ After Effects 1 & 2
Google Analytics Conversion University Seminars, San Francisco Campus, July, September 2008
⇒ Guest: Avinash Kaushik, Analytics Evangelist, author of Web Analytics: An Hour a Day
⇒ Rich Media tracking
⇒ A/B testing optimization with Google Tools
Kadium/Euro RSCG
Atlas Suite Training v. 5.4, July 2006
Bellevue College January 2003-March 2004
  • 2-year Business Administration/University of Washington School of Business transfer program
  • Seattle Central Community College October 2000-2001
  • Graphic Design & Liberal Arts
  • ⇒ Illustrator and Photoshop Classes by Lead Adobe Illustrator Tech Advisor-Seattle Campus
    Art Institute of Seattle January 1997-1999
  • Music Business Program
  • ⇒ Traditional Media and Public Relations
    ⇒ Music Licensing and Contracts
    ⇒ Marketing and Sales Tracking